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Admission Process

The student willing to join the college must have qualified in the qualifying examination (Intermendiate/Vocational/Open School) from a recognised institute and as per the guidelines of TSCHE (Telangana State Council for Higher Education).

Since 2016, the Government of Telangana has made the admissions online through DOST (Degree Online Services, Telangana) where the students have to apply online with an order of preference of the colleges and courses. The students will be notified with the information of the college allotted and the student have to report to the college with all necessary original certificates like

  • 10th memo
  • Inter Marks Memo
  • TC & Bonafied Certificate
  • 3 Rescent Passport size Color photos
  • Aadhar Card
  • Sports/NCC/NSS/CAP/PH Certificate (if applicable)
  • In case if the student wants to apply for the Government scholarship, they also need the latest

  • Income Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Residence Certificate
  • Bank Passbook FIRST PAGE photocopy (Account Number, Bank & Branch, IFSC Code)

The student has to fill in the application form at the college with his/her own hand writing. A set of photocopies/Xerox of the above certificates also must be submitted.

The student has to pay the following fee at the time of admission

  • Rs. 250 for the Application form
  • Rs. 300 SMS charges (for 3 Years)
  • Rs. 1000 Admission Fee
  • Rs. 1270 (Apprx) for University recognisation Fee (As per University norms)
  • Rs. 300 Sports Fee
  • Rs. 150 Development Charges
  • Rs. 500 Library and Lab deposit (Refundable)

The admission will be confirmed only after the submission of the necessary certificates in the college office within the stipulated time. Once the admission is confirmed the student will be entitled to get back only the Library deposit in case he/she wants to cancel the admission.



A student has to put a minimum of 75% attendance to get the eligibility to appear for the university examination and to avail the scholarship. As per the policy, the college will maintain the attendance every period and lab session. The university is insisting on Biometric attendance as a standard. This may be linked to University examinations and Scholarships.

Students fail to put the minimum percentage of attendance has to forego the academic year and all the payments made to the college and university.

However, the students of II and III years can take readmission to continue their education with their junior batch.



The behavior of a student represent their culture, family and the discipline they learnt in the previous institutes. Hence, a student is expected to behave properly with the Faculty, Office staff and fellow students. Especially with girls.

Every student must submit an affidavit attested by the parents that they are liable for punishment in case of Ragging or any misbehaviour.

A team of faculty members will be nominated as the "Discipline Committee" to enquire and take a decision about the misbehaving students.

The punishment can be a simple warning to a Police case or rustication depending on the seriousness of the misbehaviour.



The fee is decided by the Govt. of Telangana and it varies from course to course. The specified fee for the particular course has to be cleared to apply for the annual University examinations. However, the college permits the students to pay the fee in maximum of 3 installments.

  • 50% of the fee during the beginning of the academic year
  • 25% in the middle of the academic year
  • 25% before the examination fee date

The student must clear all the dues before the final year examination fee irrespective of any reasons.

The scholarship holders who fail to produce the necessary documents in time/fail to register for scholarship/rejected for scholarship because of any reason must pay the fee on their own



The management of the College also extends FEE CONCESSION to the following students. (Only for the students who pay the fee and not for scholarship holders

  • 50% Fee concession in First year for college toppers of qualifying studies. A certificate to that extent has to be produced from the college where they studied previously
  • 10% Fee concession for the students who perform exceptionally good in degree 1st and 2nd year examinations
  • 20% Fee concession for economically backword students

All concessions will be cancelled if the student discontinue/fail to abide the rules of the college.



Students join Thushara can avail the following Government scholarships depending on their eligibility.

  • SC & ST Scholarships
  • BC/OBC Scholarships
  • Minority Scholarships
  • Merit Scholarships

The students who want to avail the scholarship must apply for the respective scholarship ONLINE at EPASS website within the stipulated time. They must submit all necessary documents and a copy of online should be submitted in the college office for submission from the college side. All the orginal certificates must be deposited with the college for the verification purpose and the certificates will be retained with the college until the completion of the course. Hence the students are adviced to keep a set of Xerox/Photocopies with themselves for emergency.

Students fail to fulfil the requirements to get the scholarship have to pay the fee on their own.



Examinations are the burning tests for the students to test themselves from time to time. They have to write all the examinations held in the college which will make them prepared for the examination at any time.

Assignments & Records are also a part of the academics to improve the knowledge and parallel learning. The assignments & Records carry some weightage which will be added to the end examination marks.

Important unscheduled examinations will be re-conducted for the benefit of the students on the receipt of a nominal fee.

Students must obtain a "NO DUES" certificate from the concerned departments like Accounts/Library/Laboratories etc to obtain the Hall Ticket.

Students fail to attend the examination held by the college has to forego any financial benefits from the college.



Students are liable for punishment/libale to pay fines when....

  • Found willingfully bunking classes
  • Not returning books in time
  • Late payment of fee
  • Any damage to the college property
  • Found with Mobile phone
  • indulging in minor misbehaving activities


Students may obtain any certificate given from the college by writing an application specifying the reason. Generally the following certificates are issued from the college office on any working day.

  • Bonafide Certificate - One Day
  • Custodian Certificate - One Day
  • Attendance Certificate - One Day
  • Consolidated Fee Report - Two Days
  • TC / Migration Certificates - Two Days
  • University recommendation Letters - Two Days

Transfer Certificate and Migration Certificate can be obtained by the students while they are leaving the college and going to other universities. A student must apply for the TC/Migration certificate and pay necessary fee. Both are very important documents and need to be prepared very carefully. Hence, it will take approximately two days.



A student is adviced to take a prior permission from the authorities so that it avoids lot of inconvenience and unnecessary fines. Generally, students neglect to inform and it leads to unexpected delay and misconceptions. Hence, it is better to inform the Faculty/Office staff in writing and take an advance permission. This will not only create a good opinion but also keep them remember the student and makes the job easy when the situation demands.

  • Leaving for NCC/NSS Camps
  • Leave for Health reasons
  • Sports meets at far places
  • Attending competitions at different college/places
  • Leaving on a short tour with classmates/family
  • In case of death of a close relative