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Teaching Methodology

Thushara, as mentioned earlier it is meant for a quality education. Though we got many university ranks, our aim is an all round development of a student. The main intention is to make every student to aquire the capabilities of employability in this competetive world. Monotonous education is totally discouraged and most of the teaching is interactive with practical approach and relevant/live examples. This makes the student to listen more interestingly and makes the student involve in the activity of learning with interest.

Students are made to understand the basic principles and apply them for the appropriate purpose. Slow learners are paid more attention and more number of examples and assisgnments are given so that they get the point and inturn improve the self confidence.

The following graph shows how the students are elevated in their performance by the time they leave the institution.



A Studious atmosphere is a must for a better learning. Thushara is always ahead in creating such facilities. It may not have the stunning looks but definitely quenches the thirst of studious students.

  • Serence & Secured environment
  • Spacious Classrooms with proper ventilation and lighting. LCD projectors for a better demos
  • Fully equipped Laboratories
  • Stacked Library with Text books, Reference books, Journals, Magazines and News papers
  • Seminar Hall of 250 Capacity
  • e-Learning ready
  • Safe and filtered drinking water
  • Beautiful garden for relaxing
  • Frequent public transport is available
  • Big play ground for Sports
  • Integrated Gym system
  • Internet access
  • All kinds of Sports equipment
  • NCC -SD ARMY wing company of 100 strength
  • NSS -50 students
  • Saturday Activities -for cultural exposure
  • CATS Club -for all round cats
  • English Club -Better communication
  • Competetive Examinations Coaching and Employability improvement skills
  • Hushar Mela/Uttejana -A commercial exposure to practical business


Examinations are the burning tests for the students to know their abilities and where they need to put more attention to improve themselves. Frequent examinations will keep them engaged with the subject and continuous self evaluation.

As per the new norms of the University and CBCS, every student must attend two internal assessments from which the best of two marks are counted for about 20% marks. The end examinations will be held for the remaining 80% marks. Unit tests and other examinations are held from time to time to make the stuents know the pattern of the final examination.

Commerce Students

S.No Type of examination Lab Marks Marks allotted
1 Internal Assessment 0 30%
2 End exam 0 70%

Science Students

S.No Type of examination Lab Marks Marks allotted
1 Internal Assessment 0 20%
2 End exam 25% 80%


The courses offered at this college are purely basic/fundamental courses which will expose the student to wide opportunities at higher level.

The specialisations at under graduate level will close down most of the opportunities at next level as the students are compelled to take the specialised subject. Though these courses look attractive, most of them are research oriented for which the opportunites for higher studies as well as job opportunites are very less. Hence, It is always advised to take an under graduate course which will keep more options at the PG level and Job opprtunites.

Sl.No Name Designation Qualification Experience Department Phone e-mail Photo
1 Capt. V. Narender Principal MCA 24 Yrs Administration 9866162736 narenvadpal@gmail.com
2 P. Rajeev Kumar Lecturer/TPO M.Sc Comp, MBA 18 Comp.Sci 9849228282 pamrajrajeev@gmail.com
3 Ch. Nagaraju Lecturer/NSS M.Sc Comp 14 Comp.Sci 9059157000 abii2005@gmail.com
4 B. Rajkumar Lecturer M.Sc Physics 14 Physics 9948618501
5 A. Anitha Lecturer M.Sc Mathermatics 12 Mathematics